Hamromilan Faq

1. Registration : Registration can be done from the home page.

2. Contacting Partners : Partners can be contacted by either searching in the header textbox or by going through the search tab.

3. Sending Message : Users can be contacted by anyone and message can be sent by visiting to the users profile

4. Sending Connection Request : After searching a partner, you can check his profile information, If it is relevant to you then you can initiate send connection request.

5. Like Pofile : Liking profile is possible through member profile page. It will trigger an email to the user of the profile which is being liked.

6. Reply Message : Message can be replied to by clicking reply on the inbox page.

7. Message Board :Message board can be used to send match preference anonymously

8. One to One chat : It is possible after the connection has been accepted by the user

9. Reporting Harassing Users : Use the contact us page to report harassing users

10. Photo Upload :Photos can be uploaded through My Photos page. Users are allowed to upload upto 5 images.

11. Searching Profile : Suitable profiles can be searched through either search page or through the upper search box in the header.

12. Find your Gotra :Your gotra can be found through Nepali Gotra Finder page Nepali Gotra Finder.