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Nepali Gotra

The saptarishis in Hindu Gotra System are listed below.

Gautama, Bharadwaj, Jamadagni, Vashista, Kashyapa, Atri and Vishvamitra

The list of gotra's that is followed in Nepal are as follows :-

1. Atri

Atri Gotra originates in the lineage of Brahmarshi Atri and Anasuya Devi. He is among the Sapta Rishi Mandala (seven luminous or eternal sages in the sky) symbolized by the Great Bear (or Ursa Major in Latin) and the seven stars around it.
SurNames with Atri Gotra
Khatiwada, Ojha, Chapagain, Khatiwada, Adhikari

2. Atreya
Aryal, Paudel, Pani Pokharel, Sigdel, Devkota

3. Agasthya

Agastya also known as Agasti is one amongst the Saptarishis. Also one amongst the Sapta Rishi Mandala
SurNames with Agastya Gotra

4. Angiras
Angiras is one amongst the Rishi who formed Atharvaved
SurNames with Agastya Gotra
Sedhai, Joshi, Shahi

5. Basistha

BASISTHA is one amongst the Sapta Rishis. Also one amongst the Sapta Rishi Mandala
SurNames with BASISTHA Gotra
Bhattarai, Bhandari, Pathak, Suyal, Dawadi, Chalise, Kharel, Bhatta

6. Bhardwaj
BHARDWAJA is one amongst the Sapta Rishis. Also one amongst the Sapta Rishi Mandala
SurNames with BASISTHA Gotra
Subedi, Shiwakoti, Thapaliya, Chaulagain, Lohani, Jamarkattel, Dudh Pokharel, Panta, Panthi, Niraula, Pandey, Wagle

7. Garga
GARGA is one amongst the great Rishis in Hindu Mythology. He is also atrributed to have named Lord Krishna.
SurNames with GARGA Gotra
Acharya, Lamichhane, Rijal, Bastola, Bhurtel, Bhetwal, Gajurel, Chudal

8. Kaudinya
KAUDINYA is one amongst the great Rishis in Hindu Mythology. He is also atrributed to write the Gayatri Mantra.
SurNames with KAUDINYA Gotra
Acharya, Paneru, Banjara, Parajuli, Sapkota, Neupane, Satyal

9. Kaushik
Kaushik is one of the Rishis in Hindu Mythology.
Khadka, Bhandari

10. Gautam
GAUTAM is one amongst the Sapta Rishis in Hindu Mythology.
SurNames with GAUTAM Gotra
Tripathi, Pandey, Chanda, Dangal, Tiwari

11. Mandabya
MANDABYA is one the great Rishis in Hindu Mythology. He is known to have cursed Yama to be born as a mortal man Bidur in Mahabharata.
SurNames with MANDABYA Gotra
Gyawali, Bajgai, Bajhai, Maskey, Katural

12. Kashyap
KASHYAP is one amongst the Sapta Rishis in Hindu Mythology.
SurNames with KASHYAP Gotra
Gartaula, Badal, Pade, Tiwari, Ghimire, Budhathoki, Bogati

13. Parasar
Parashar is one of the Rishis in Hindu Mythology.
SurNames with Parashar Gotra
Karki, Kattel

14. Maudagalya
MAUDAGALYA is one of the Rishis in Hindu Mythology.
SurNames with MAUDAGALYA Gotra
Koirala, Simkhada, Kuinkel, Shimkhada, Upreti, Timalsina, Karki

15. Dhananjaya
DHANANJAYA is one of the Rishis in Hindu Mythology.
SurNames with DHANANJAYA Gotra
Basnet, Dhamala, Bhusal, Rijal, Homagain, Guragin, Khadka, Pangeni

16. Vatsa
VATSA is one of the Rishis in Hindu Mythology.
SurNames with VATSA Gotra
Dahal, Lamsal, Rupakheti, Kuwar,

17. Bishwamitra
BISHWAMITRA is one amongst the great Rishis in Hindu Mythology. He is also atrributed to write the Gayatri Mantra.
SurNames with BISHWAMITRA Gotra

About Nepali Gotra

Gotra system that is followed in Nepal comes from the ancient practice of Hindu society. It is believed that gotra normally originated from the sapta rishi and their descendants. For instance, if your lastname is Bhattarai, then You are a direct descendant of Sapta Rishi Basistha. Brahmin & Chettri in Nepal practice Gotra system but there are Newar's in Kathmandu Valley & Madhesi's in the Terai region who follow similar gotra system as well. As far as Nepali Gotra is concerned, there is very little research done so far to know more about it. In Nepal, group of caste follow the same gotra. Wedding is prohibited amongst people of the same gotra. This is because they are considered to have originated from the same Rishi/sage and are considered to be sagotri.

Normally one caste will have one common gotra, but there are cases when its not true. For instance, if your lastName is acharya, you may belong to kaudinya gotra or garga gotra. Wedding may be permissible if your gotra's are different, but wedding between people of same castname is not practiced in Nepal even if they are of dissimilar gotra.

Gotra of Acharya

Acharya can be either Kaudinya Gotra or Garga Gotra. Normally Acharya's from Eastern part of Nepal are Kaudinya whereas Acharya's from western Nepal are generally Garga. Acharya normally originate from Dhaknuta or SIndhuli